Daniel Vescio

"What I value the most about this course are the professional opportunities we are given." content

"What I value the most about this course are the professional opportunities we are given."

Daniel VescioBA Music Business

After finishing high-school in France, Daniel wasn’t sure where he wanted to take his career, so he spent a few years alternating working summers in Ibiza, with winters spent travelling the world.

“I realised that I’d better start looking for a field of work and study I enjoy and quickly came to the conclusion that it would have to be in Music. During my childhood I wanted to be a musician, and have always wanted to be a so-called ‘business man’, so I decided to ally both fields and study a Music Business course. These courses aren’t common in Europe, but with a Scottish mother and my brother studying in Stirling, it was a no-brainer decision for me to come to Perth College UHI.

The course content is extensive and specific to the Music Industry which is brilliant, there’s a guest lecture programme which gives us the chance to meet with industry professionals, and the lecturers all have industry experience with vast knowledge and contacts. The on campus facilities such as the recording studios, sound systems, rehearsal rooms, and theatres are great too,

What I value the most about this course are the professional opportunities we are given. I’ve been awarded a grant to attend the International Music Summit in Ibiza, offered a position on the “Study China Programme” and I was also offered the position of ‘Label Manager’ for Vadana Records, the College record label. I have now started my own record label in Ibiza and I know my experience on this course will benefit me.”

Music Business Erasmus Exchange

I chose to study at Linnaeus University for an academic semester as I was highly motivated by the possibility to experience student life within a novel and diverse cultural environment and especially that of Sweden, as it is known for being a pioneer within my area of study; i.e.: the music industry. I chose to follow an international business and entrepreneurship module as well as a research module related to music. The opportunity to study an in-depth business course has helped me develop specialized transferable skills that now set me apart from other students and have made me more confident in my competencies and employability within the music industry. Being immersed in the Swedish culture and the Erasmus community at the same time made it one of the most social and open experiences of my life, meeting some wonderful people from all four corners of the world. I also joined the international student organization that is the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and had the pleasure of working alongside fellow Swedish students towards organizing events for the Erasmus community and travelling to such amazing places as Russia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Lapland and Iceland. I am so grateful I was given this opportunity and couldn’t recommend highly enough to all students who have the opportunity to go on an Erasmus exchange programme to take advantage of this life changing experience.