Daniel Smith

"I’ve loved life as a student here." content

"I’ve loved life as a student here."

BA Music Business

Before I came to college, I was travelling in New Zealand. I decided to come to Perth College UHI because the music business course was highly recommended and I had heard great things from previous students. The tutors and the opportunities are what I like most about my course and I’ve made lots of new friends and business contacts. I also have a part time job that has given me more money to fund projects for the course.

I would highly recommend people study at Perth College UHI – especially if they are looking for something outside of the bigger cities. I’ve loved life as a student here.

My advice for anyone going to college is to take every opportunity you can and be as proactive as possible. Also, healthy body = healthy mind.

I would recommend college as a first choice, especially if you know exactly what you would like to be..

After I leave college, I plan to create content for labels and artists and my qualification will prove that I am capable in all aspects of music business.

Daniel Smith