Silviya Prodanova


Silviya Prodanova wanted to improve her English language skills so she could progress on to a full-time hospitality course.

I came from Bulgaria a few years ago but now feel that Scotland is like a home to me as the people here are so friendly.

When I decided to stay in this country I realised I needed to improve my English, so got in touch with the College’s language school, as it is accredited by the British Council.

I did a course there from January to March and it was very useful learning about tenses. There was a good mix of grammar theory and practice and my skills definitely improved.

It was fun speaking about yourself, learning about other cultures and the different traditions in those countries. I still keep in touch with the people I met from all over the world.

College staff were very friendly and helped me with advice on lots of things, including what to study next. I’m now doing HND Hospitality Management and am really enjoying it.