Francisco Pérez Rodriguez


Originally from Lanzarote, Spain, Francisco wanted to spend a year at College improving his English, before embarking on his HNC Business qualification.

“Before I started at UHI Perth I was working at Blair Castle as a waiter, but I wanted to study English and the College has a very good full-time English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) course so I applied.

The course prepared me enough to sit the Cambridge English Exam at the end of the academic year and I also had the opportunity to infill into a course of my choice to get a better understanding of the education system and improve my English. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet many people from different nationalities and learn about their culture. I also got to visit different places in Scotland through the International Centre.

I decided to study the HNC Business this year because the ESOL course made me feel more confident to continue my studies. I’d like to do an internship in an office next, or continue to study towards a Masters degree. If you come from abroad, UHI Perth is the best and most affordable place to start a career. You would get ready for work in a comfortable and friendly environment.”