Martin James Torbet


After completing his Silver and Gold Professional Chef Award, Martin interned with Sodexo from June 2015 for a one year contract.

Martin James“When I had completed my courses I was uncertain what route to take for my future. I wasn’t the most confident guy and when Hospitality Subject Leader, Ian Gibb recommended that I apply for the internship with Sodexo, I wasn’t confident enough and decided against it. However Ian really encouraged me to go for it and spoke with Sodexo and set up an interview for me. I am really thankful he did that.

“When I went for interview I was told that I was exactly what Sodexo were looking for. It has been really good and the staff have been really helpful and trained me up, which in turn improved my confidence.

“I now have the confidence to approach others and take part in other things. I now run the breakfast service.

“My time studying at the College and interning with Sodexo has been a great experience and I now, if given the opportunity, have the confidence to get a full time job in a restaurant.

“I now encourage students at the College to apply for the internship. I definitely recommend it.”