Jennifer Neilson and Stuart Leishman


Partners in life and in business, Jennifer and Stuart both studied HND Hospitality at Perth College UHI.

They now own a restaurant – Pura Maison, 26 James Square, Crieff.

They have both held a variety of positions in the industry, and credit Perth College UHI with giving them the training, qualifications and experience to pursue their dream.

Jennifer says: “I loved my time at college. There was a relaxed environment, mixed ages, support of lecturers and you’re treated as an adult. I also had the opportunity to complete a placement at The Gleneagles Hotel.”

Stuart added: “I didn’t behave well at school and was diagnosed with ADHD. However, I loved being at college as it sent me on the right path. I felt motivated and especially enjoyed the industry visits. The training was intensive and gave me the necessary skills to do the job I wanted – a chef.”

Jennifer and Stuart summed up their partnership as perfect – their business benefiting from gaining college training and industrial experience.