Holly Strang and Jennifer Cada


Holly Strang and Jennifer Cada just completed their final year BA (Hons) Hospitality Management a Perth College UHI and have also been Student Ambassadors for the Institute of Hospitality for the past year.

Holly Strang and Jennifer Cada“The Institute of Hospitality is a world-wide known organisation for the Hospitality industry with over 10,000 members based in both Scotland and London mainly. Student ambassadors, like us are involved to promote and make others more aware of the programme and also voice out opinions from our generation about what has been happening in the hospitality industry today.

“The benefits of this to us are that we have managed to meet so many different people who have helped us with our course. It’s fitted in well with the modules we’re taking. As individuals as well we have developed so much confidence-wise. It’s boosted us to have the ability to go and talk to new people about different things within the industry and it’s combined very well with both our personal lives and our course. And it’s also good for networking for getting future employers as we do get interviews at the same time- we do connect with people within the industry which has helped us too, it’s been really beneficial.

“The College has supported us all the way through. Before beginning the Ambassador Programme we spoke closely with our lecturers and tutors, advice was given about it and we were given so much information. If anyone has the opportunity to get involved we would definitely recommend it.”