Julian T Inglis

PhD student

Julian joined the Centre for Mountain Studies in March 2015. His research concerns the development of an integrated sustainable development framework for coastal and marine regions, supervised by Professor Martin Price, Dr Rosalind Bryce (Centre for Mountain Studies) and Dr Karen Alexander (Scottish Association for Marine Science).


  • MPhil Polar Studies, University of Cambridge (with Distinction)
  • MSc Ecology and Physical Geography, Carleton University, Canada (with Distinction)
  • BSc Zoology and Geography, University of Aberdeen


Julian Inglis

Professional Career

His professional career began working as a range biologist with the Canadian Wildlife Service in the  Mackenzie Delta region and Queen Elizabeth Islands, Northwest Territories. He subsequently worked for the Department of Northern Affairs in scientific and management positions concerned with land management, conservation, regional planning and sustainable development.  Julian served as a member of the UNESCO/Canada, Man and the Biosphere Committee, founded the Centre for Traditional Knowledge, and was appointed Visiting Professor, Department of Geography, Carleton University, Ottawa.

Julian subsequently served as IUCN’s Chief Technical Adviser in  Balochistan and the Northern Areas, Pakistan before moving to Sarawak, Malayasia as Chief Technical Adviser on a project to improve the management of five national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. On his return to Scotland he worked as project manager on three EU funded projects, most recently concerned with integrated coastal management around the North Sea.

A common theme of his work is in engaging with stakeholders in working towards achieving sustainable development at local and regional levels.

Selected publications and reports

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