Dr Andy Ruck

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Research Associate


Andy joined the centre in June 2019, assisting with a variety of research projects as well as teaching on the MSc in Sustainable Mountain Development.


  • PhD in Education, University of Stirling. Thesis title: “Co-producing Curricula: Young People’s Lived Experience of School-linked Practical Conservation and Citizen Science”.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Outdoor Environmental and Sustainability Education, University of Edinburgh.
  • Master of Research in Social Anthropology, University of Aberdeen. Thesis title: “The Claim of Indigenous Status by Crofters in the Scottish Highlands and Islands”.
  • MA (hons) in Anthropology, University of Aberdeen.


Andy Ruck

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Research interests

Two inter-connected themes link Andy’s research interests: Participatory conservation and land management, and paying attention to “local” or “situated” voices and experiences. These themes were most recently reflected in his PhD research, which explored young people’s experiences of the Polli:Nation project – a UK-wide, school-based initiative based around practical conservation and citizen science. Andy has also previously conducted research into “indigenous” identity among crofters in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, and environmental volunteering within the Cairngorms National Park.<

Mountains and protected environments are a wider theme running throughout Andy’s life and career. Having made frequent recreational trips to the mountains since his teenage years, and later worked in various outdoor learning and environmental education roles, such areas are now central to his research and teaching.


Journal articles


Conference presentations

  • Ruck, A. (2018) Polli:Nation: Signposts for citizen science practice in schools. Presentation given at “Citizen Science in the Classroom” workshop, Leysin, Switzerland.
  • Ruck, A. (2018) Polli:Nation: Fresh insights from a community-linked environmental education project. Paper presented at International Conference on Curriculum Studies, University of Stirling, UK.
  • Ruck, A. & Mannion, G. (2017) Citizen Science and Education: Four signposts for practice. Presentation given at Scottish Natural Heritage “Sharing Good Practice” event, Perth, UK. Slides available here (Download 2).
  • Ruck, A. (2016) Young people's participation in practical conservation and citizen science: a literature review. Paper presented at European Conference on Educational Research, University College Dublin, Ireland.