The impact of diversity of ownership on social, economic and environmental outcomes (2015-2016)


Diversity of ownership imageIn collaboration with SRUC, James Hutton Institute, Andy Wightman and Pareto Consulting, this research was commissioned by Scottish Government to investigate the local impacts of differing forms and scales of rural land ownership in Scotland on social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Large sections of Scotland are owned by a small number of private, public, charities and non-governmental organisations. This project considered the implications of large land holdings for the local communities that reside within their boundaries. It focused on size rather than tenure of ownership.

The project aimed to develop evidence on the relationship of different patterns of landholding size to social, economic and environmental outcomes. To do this the research team set out a robust theoretical framework, identified case studies, and then undertook data collection and data analysis. Our principal roles in the project have been to interview key landowners, other businesses and community representatives, and to ensure wider community engagement through focus groups.

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