Study of NGO land ownership in Scotland

landscape at sunsetIn conjunction with providing evidence to the Scottish Government's Land Reform Review Group (LRRG) on the social and economic contributions of NGO landowners, the Centre for Mountain Studies was commissioned by a collective of environmental NGOs to carry out a review in late 2012/2013.

The study was primarily focused on the activities of five large environmental NGOs who own significant areas of land in Scotland:

  • John Muir Trust (JMT)
  • National Trust for Scotland (NTS)
  • Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)
  • Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT)
  • Woodland Trust Scotland (WTS).

NGO report

Full citation:

Mc  Morran,  R.,  Glass,  J,  Frankland,  D.  (2013). Evidence  for  Scotland’s  Land  Reform  Policy  Review  (2012­-2014) - The  socioeconomic  benefits  of  the  ownership  and  management  of  land  by  environmental  non­-governmental  organisations  (NGOs). Commissioned  report prepared  by  the Centre  for  Mountain  Studies,  Perth  College UHI.