Review of the effectiveness of current community ownership mechanisms and of options for supporting the expansion of community ownership in Scotland (2018)


A collaboration with SRUC, Random Forest, the Community Woodlands Association and the Development Trusts Association Scotland. Research for the Scottish Land Commission to review the effectiveness of current community ownership mechanisms in Scotland.

Community ownership has been the focus of several studies in Scotland in recent years. Nevertheless, no comprehensive study has focused specifically on the barriers associated with the acquisition process, whether that be via legislative routes (e.g. the Community Right to Buy), public asset transfer or negotiated transfer.

Around 70 interviews were conducted with communities, professional intermediaries (land agents, lawyers, consultants) and those who have sold land to communities to understand the strengths and challenges associated with the acquisition process. Two community workshops were also held to discuss the views of community groups with experience of acquisition processes via different pathways and in different locations.

Final Report