Walking the land: examining an ecosystem approach for private estates through the lens of woodland expansion


Dr Euan Bowditch (Inverness College, UHI)

Date and time

7 April 2017  12pm to 1pm


Room 220, Inverness College;
Room 619 (Studio 5), Goodlyburn, Perth College and
via Video Conference


Ecosystem approaches are normally expressed through aspirational policy that is difficult to implement for individual land managers.  This research (PhD thesis) captures individual perceptions of private estate managers relating to land use, woodland expansion and collaboration over four diverse case study areas in the Scottish Highlands.  Private estates are shaped by unique ownership history subject to a complex array of land use interests, which balances both tradition and emerging landscape management. In order to capture these complex issues a spatially driven walking interview combined with practical planning of new woodlands was used to develop landscape resilience maps that inform planning and practice.  These highlight potential areas for social and structural connectivity, representing spatial perceptions through established resilience concepts.  These factors inhibit estate activity therefore, landscape partnerships that tailor for local conditions are viewed as key mechanisms for mobilising diversification and woodland expansion.  Collaborative discussions between the case study areas developed the ‘Energyscapes’ concept, a local interpretation of an ecosystem approach that can provide meaning to CBD principles, national policy and local practice.

If you would like to attend this seminar in person or VC/Jabber please contact Amy Woolvin.