People, place and planet: How relationships with the landscape matter


Professor Pete Higgins (University of Edinburgh)

Date and time

3 March 2017 - 1pm to 2pm


Room 107 (Studio 6), Brahan, Perth College
Via Video Conference


The landscape of Scotland is as diverse as any small country on the planet, and more so than many large ones!  This, its physical climate, cultural roots and history afford rich opportunities to consider relationships between people and landscape. This presentation discusses elements of these relationships with regard to education and environmental policy development and our responsibilities in meeting our global sustainability obligations. A key focus is the role of learning about, in, through and indeed for the natural heritage, and the broader benefits of doing so throughout Scottish formal education. Recent developments in 'learning for sustainability’ in Scotland and the broader international context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals will also be reviewed.

Pete is the Chair in Outdoor and Environmental Education, Director of the United Nations Centre for ESD (Scotland) and Dean of Students (CHSS). You can find out more about Pete's work here.

If you would like to attend the seminar either in person or via VC/Jabber please contact Amy Woolvin.