Global and Climate Change


The Centre for Mountain Studies has been involved in projects with many international partners relating to global and climate change both in mountain areas and across northern Europe.


Climate Change: Adapting to the impacts by Communities in Northern Peripheral Regions (Clim-ATIC, 2008-2011)

This large European project involved community stakeholders working in partnership with public sector and academic institutions from Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Greenland and Finland, to explore the potential for different community sectors to develop climate change adaptation capacity, and deliver real climate change adaptations that provided local economic and social advantages.

Global and environmental change in mountain regions (GLOCHAMORE, 2003-2005)

The Centre for Mountain Studies was a member of the consortium for a Specific Support Action within the EU Sixth Framework Programme, 'Global Change in Mountain Regions: An Integrated Assessment of Causes and Consequences' (GLOCHAMORE). The project comprised a series of product-oriented scientific workshops and a major conference, with the aim of furthering understanding of the causes and impacts of global change in mountain regions.