Sue Ranger

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PhD Student

Sue is in the final stages of a part time PhD which is applying a wellbeing lens to valuing the coast and sea in the UK. Sue has worked at the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) based in Ross-on-Wye in England since 2001 where she now heads up the social science team.


  • BA Languages and Philosophy (Distinction) University of the Free State, South Africa


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Professional Career

Current role

  • Establishing, managing and developing a new organisational social science function and leading work on taking a Values Based Approach to marine conservation.
  • Helping to steer collaborative work around Ocean Literacy as an Ocean Value framework
  • Member of the Defra Marine Science Coordination Committee Communications working group.
  • Research design, data analysis, film editing and reporting on Community Voice Method (CVM) projects engaging stakeholders in the UK and UK Overseas territories in the Caribbean in deliberation to identify solutions to marine resource management issues.


Relevant recent projects

  • Steering group member for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Marine CoLABoration - an eNGO collaboration working to implement a Values Based Approach to marine conservation and improve communication about the holistic value of the ocean
  • Management of the Marine Conservation Society Education Programme
  • Multiple collaborative regional projects with UK Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities applying the Community Voice Method to engage communities with marine resource management including MPA management measures. (e.g.
  • Design and delivery of a national CVM project to surface the wellbeing benefits of blue spaces to wider society in the UK (see
  • Turks and Caicos Islands Turtle Project: Long term interdisciplinary initiative to research and describe the social and economic importance of the marine turtle fishery in the Turks and Caicos Islands, through qualitative and quantitative research including CVM.
  • Project Steering Committee member of the Marine Socio-Economics Project, a joint initiative with RSPB, WWF, WTs and the New Economics Foundation aimed at improving eNGOs understanding and use of socio-economic data.;


Research interests

Sue’s research interest sprung from a recognition that much of what the coast and sea does for wider society – in terms of holistic wellbeing benefit – was not being considered in policy and decision-making. This led to a decade of work exploring the relationship between people and the ocean in the UK, inspired her PhD and is leading towards the development of a conceptual framework which places wellbeing at the centre of understanding and making decisions about natural resources. She is also increasingly exploring issues of equity, inclusion and diversity in blue space.

Sue is particularly interested in:

  • Engagement process design and facilitation
  • Qualitative Inquiry and Mixed Methods research
  • Film-making, design and communication
  • Collaborative transdisciplinary research
  • Project design and management



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