'Europe’s mountains: characterisation, policies, and actors' a recorded lecture by Prof Martin Price

Martin Price recently gave a presentation at the international symposium "Mountain regions, territories of innovation", Grenoble. This can now be viewed online.

During an international symposium 'Mountain regions, territories of innovation', held in Grenoble and organised by LabEx ITEM, Martin Price gave a lecture entitled 'Europe's mountains: characterisation, policies and actors'.


Mountains cover 35% of Europe’s area and are home to 17% of the continent’s population.  These mountains, ranging from the Arctic to the Mediterranean, are highly diverse in every respect.  Characterising them depends greatly on the spatial scale of analysis.  This presentation will first introduce trends and patterns of population, employment, land use, water supplies, biodiversity, and protected areas across Europe’s mountains.  Second, policies and policy initiatives – both sectoral and integrated – that have been promoted by a variety of actors and implemented at both European and national scales will be discussed.

This lecture can now be viewed online.