Zack Fummey


I felt I’d learnt more in the first six months then I had in all my school time.

BA (Hons) Visual Design and Communication

Zack attended school prior to starting at Perth College UHI where his interests included Media Studies, English and Drama, but it was his strong connection to Art that helped him choose what to study at degree level.

“While at school, I had interests in a few subjects at school and various hobbies, including training as an amateur boxer at my local gym, running comedy clubs and helping my Dad at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but I needed to find a focus for my future and figure out what worked best for me.

My two highest grades were in English and Art, but I have severe dyslexia and I didn’t think I could write at that time, so I tried to focus on Art. I like using different media to avoid using only written words to describe; instead using sound, visuals and kinaesthetic tools. When I started college, I felt I’d learnt more in the first six months then I had in all my school time and not just about working, about life in general.

After I finish my course I intend to live! Through the screen reading software I received partly from the help from Additional Support Services at the College, I’ve found I enjoy reading and writing, opening new doors for me. Perhaps I’ll become a researcher or perhaps I’ll focus on more practical problem-solving tasks. I’ll keep trying different things and hope I find the right job.”

Zack Fummey, art and creative technologies student