Michelle Wangui


Michelle is from Nairobi, Kenya. Before Perth College UHI, she was in a Catholic university of Eastern Africa studying journalism and social communication.

Michelle Wangui, art and creative technologiesComing to Perth College UHI was a special opportunity given by Ann Gloag to sponsor my education when she saw my interest in communication.

Having had a background in communication and PR, pursuing visuals and graphics was a great way to help myself in the creative industry. I enjoy the course as we are given space to experiment, make mistakes until we get it right which is a rare opportunity to find elsewhere. Most of all the one-on-one I get with the lecturers is a great step to improving myself.

This Visual Communication qualification will help me to work in a marketing department as my various skills, some I already have - PR, photography and videography - and new ones including graphics, video and photos - will make me a great candidate in any marketing and PR office. After a few years gaining experience, I hope to start my own small company.

I love being a student here, the lecturers are the best I have seen so far and they make my life quite simple and comfortable considering I live miles away, I do feel at home and in a safe study environment. My advice for anyone thinking about going to college is to work on and complete your studies, an honours degree is very very important, even when you don’t use it now you’ll need it somewhere, besides these certificates do not expire!