Kirsty Thomson

"I would highly recommend studying at UHI." content

"I would highly recommend studying at UHI."

BA (Hons) Visual Communication and Design

I previously completed a HND in Visual Communication and Design at another college and wanted to develop my skills and progress further on a degree course. I considered other universities, but liked the opportunity of being able to start in 3rd year at Perth UHI. Additionally, I really liked the campus and facilities and was impressed at my visit.

I really enjoy the opportunities provided on this course to work on a range of different projects, including ones for real clients. I feel it has helped me considerably with my confidence and knowledge of design. I feel the style of teaching is tailored to my needs, the lecturers are very supportive and approachable. I find the one to one time is very beneficial as it gives me the opportunity to discuss my individual project and potential areas for improvement. Additionally, we have discussions as a class which is a great atmosphere to share ideas.

I feel my studies will definitely help me in my career progression as I have had the opportunity to work on projects for real clients, which gives a great introduction into what it would be like to work in the design industry. Additionally, with the range of projects I have worked on, the course has helped me to build my design portfolio - which I will use for future job interviews.

Studying has allowed me to build my confidence and has provided me with opportunities to develop my skills to the point where I feel ready to enter the design industry. My favourite things about the university are my classmates and the atmosphere in the class which allows for collaborative group work and the sharing of ideas.

I have really enjoyed my experience at Perth UHI. Through the university, I have been able to participate in a really exciting project, ‘The Corporate Parenting Kit’ for a real client to bring attention to the concept of corporate parenting. I have since successfully pitched the idea to the Angel’s Share as part of a partnership between Perth UHI and The Fun Young Individuals Group. Since winning the investment, we look forward to launching the design in 2019.

After studying, I would like to begin my career as a graphic designer working in a design agency.