Student fees and funding


The Student Funding Team can help you with general funding advice, as well as providing assistance with your funding application. There may be a variety of funding options available to you, depending on the level and mode of study you wish to pursue.

Student Funding update related to Covid-19

If you have any queries about Student Funding during the Coronavirus situation, whether that be with regards to EMA, Bursary, Discretionary/Hardship Funds, SAAS, SLC, please see the most latest information.

Contact our Student Funding Team for advice and guidance -

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Funding videos

Watch our videos to find out about the range of funding services available at Perth College UHI.

Full time Further Education funding

Full time Higher Education funding

Part time funding

Childcare Funding

When to apply for Funding


We provide support for all of our students as well as people thinking about coming to Perth College UHI, so throughout your studies here you can get information, advice and guidance on managing your money and budgeting, applying for funding and sorting out any funding issues.

For enquiries about Higher Education funding, part time funding, Discretionary or Childcare Funds, please contact our Student Funding Adviser on 01738 877375 /

For enquiries about your Further Education Bursary or Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) application, please contact our Student Funding Officer on 01738 877206 /

If you need help with your Further Education Bursary or EMA online application, please contact our Student Funding Assistant on 01738 877474 /


If your circumstances change and you are thinking about whether to continue your studies, see our guide: Thinking of leaving fees flow chart