A Guide to the Students' Association

The Students’ Association is here for you!


It’s run by Perth College UHI students and operates to represent your views on all aspects of the College and student life.

The Association also offers an opportunity for students to get involved in developing student life on the campus and shaping future plans.

The Students’ Association aims to:

  • Empower its members to shape, enhance and enjoy their experience as a student at Perth College UHI and at the University of the Highlands and Islands, UHI.
  • Represent the views of Perth College UHI students within the College and externally.
  • Provide a recognised communication channel between its members and the college, other institutions and the public.
  • Provide information to its members covering a wide range of matters including academic, welfare and social issues.
  • Provide opportunities for the personal and professional development of its members through participation in its democratic structures and encouragement of a broad range of student-led clubs and societies.
  • Provide appropriate social activity which caters to the needs of its members.
  • Foster and promote a culture of community and shared identity between its members, the College's staff and with students across the UHI network and with the wider student movement.
  • To pursue these objectives without regard to any characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010 and independent of any political party or religious body.
  • Operate in an ethical manner and to support charitable activities. The Association is against all forms of discrimination. The Association particularly deplores actions that violate human rights, animal cruelty and the exploitation of any person.