Nursery aims


Our nursery aims to

  • Provide high quality child-care for both the local and the student community
  • Offer a safe, caring environment for children in which they can learn, play and develop at a pace appropriate to their individual needs
  • Encourage children to practice and acquire skills and exercise choice
  • Provide equipment and materials to encourage children’s growth and development
  • Encourage the development of children’s skills in early literacy and numeracy
  • Demonstrate efficient management of the service, and equality and fairness in its operation
  • Consistently recognise parents as the primary educators of children and to work in partnership with them in the best interests of children
  • Encourage parental input to on-going development and improvement

Our nursery values are

  • Respect: All children are respected as individuals, with the freedom to exercise choice, and this is reflected in both learning and teaching opportunities and in general care procedures
  • Support: All children are supported personally, socially and emotionally. Staff members are supported in their work and on-going development by the management team.
  • Team-work: A team approach to caring for and supporting children is adopted by all nursery staff
  • Innovation: A creative and innovative approach to child-care is adopted and fostered in order to develop nursery practices as sector-leading
  • Positive Learning: Children are cared for, taught and developed in a positive environment in which learning and teaching methods are creative, and which engage children in learning from an early opportunity

Additional information

Our nursery is open Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 5.30pm and our session times are 8.00am to 1.00pm and 1.30pm to 5.30pm. A full day counts as two sessions.

All of our staff are appropriately qualified and highly experienced in caring for children, and most are also trained in First Aid.  You can take comfort in the fact that our qualifications and training exceeds the requirements of The Care Commission.

The staff ratios we maintain are 1:3 for children aged 1-2 years; 1:5 for children aged 2-3 years and 1:8 for children aged 3-5 years.