Keep motivated at home

HELP! I can’t stay motivated...sound familiar? Thought so! content

HELP! I can’t stay motivated...sound familiar? Thought so!

It can be difficult to study and learn at home. Trying to keep up momentum whilst sitting in the same area you sleep in, eat in or binge your favourite Netflix series in! We get it! So, here are some simple tips to try and help you focus and bring back that motivation.

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Prepare for the day ahead content

Prepare for the day ahead

Prepare for the day ahead

As tempting as it is to roll out of bed, sit in your pyjamas and snack on junk food all day, it really isn’t the greatest way to get your productive juices flowing!

Get yourself up, have a shower, put clothes on - actual clothes, you know, the ones you would wear outside of the house.... Have a decent breakfast and prepare yourself physically, as well as mentally, for the day ahead.

Simple things like getting fresh air, exercise, connecting with others, getting dressed, making your bed, journaling etc. can help self-motivate allowing you to go on and focus on your studying/to-do list.

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Create a to-do list/study schedule content

Create a to-do list/study schedule

Create a to-do list/study schedule

Create a list of what you need to do and break them down into smaller, more manageable chunks. 

Big tasks like writing an essay or revising for an exam can be demotivating because there seems like there is soooo much to do! Make it less daunting for yourself – break down your essay and do sections at a time; when revising - revise one subject area at a time. Don’t overload yourself by doing it all at once i.e. leaving it until the night before!

Make sure you stick to your study schedule. Give yourself plenty of time to complete the task in hand.

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Find yourself a designated study space content

Find yourself a designated study space

Find yourself a designated study space

Find yourself your designated study spot – find a spot and stick to it! Make sure its clear of clutter (i.e. phone, TV etc.) and tidy it up from the likes of cups and food wrappers often – clear space for a clear mind.

Make sure it’s an area with minimal traffic for pets and other humans, with enough space for your computer/laptop and study material.

Did you know, in usual circumstances, you can also come into the Library to study? Check the current situation

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Take a break! content

Take a break!

Take a break!

Take regular breaks. It has been scientifically proven that concentration increases dramatically when you take short break -music to your ears!

When you are creating your to-do list/schedule, factor in breaks. Research suggests that you will be able to reach your ‘Perfect Productivity’ by working in periods of 52 minutes and taking a 17 minute break.

Breaks should consist of moving away from your study space – go for a few laps of the garden, get a cup of tea/coffee, catch up on the news or social media.

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Exercise content



If you can, try exercise throughout your breaks. Do some stretches, go for a 10 minute jog, do some star jumps! This is a quick way to release those endorphins and help improve your concentration levels.

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