OBI Awards

Recognising UHI Perth's Outstanding, Best and Inspiring staff and students! content

Recognising UHI Perth's Outstanding, Best and Inspiring staff and students!

students and staff celebrating OBI awards

In its 10th year, the OBI (Oustanding Best Inspiring) Awards are a chance for us to celebrate the amazing staff, students and student groups that help make UHI Perth a fantastic community.

UHI Perth staff and students can nominate in the awards in various categories celebrating teaching staff, non-teaching staff, Personal Academic Tutors, Student Voice Represenatives and Sports Clubs and Societies to name a few.

A panel made up of staff and students at UHI Perth, including the HISA Perth student officers, then decide the winners that are annouceed at an awards ceremony.

Below is a summary of some previous years of the OBIs. For more information, please email 

OBI Awards 2023 | UHI Perth | HISA

OBIs 2022 content

OBIs 2022

OBIs 2022

An Awards ceremony at Perth College UHI recognised Outstanding, Best and Inspiring (OBI) staff and students on Wednesday 1 June.

Led by HISA Perth - the Highland and Islands Students Association, staff and students put forward nominations in various categories celebrating teaching staff, non-teaching staff, Personal Academic Tutors, Student Voice Representatives and Sports Clubs and Societies.

Dr Margaret Cook, Perth College UHI Principal and Chief Executive said: “These awards celebrate the amazing staff, students and student groups that help make Perth College UHI a fantastic community and showcases how excellent a place Perth College UHI is to study and work in.

“The ceremony is a timely reminder to appreciate and reward the hard work and dedication of our staff and students in creating the best student experience possible, and how we work hard to embed student engagement in partnership with our students. Many congratulations to all the nominees, winners and runners up.”

Todor, HISA Perth President explained: “Here at Perth College UHI, the OBI Awards are close to all of our hearts. At this key event, we at HISA, recognise the outstanding contributions, and inspiring efforts, our staff and students make to ensure our college community is the best it can be. This is now our ninth year celebrating the amazing achievements of our staff and students, and it is my hope that we will continue to do so for many years to come!”

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OBI Award winners list

OBIs 2021 content

OBIs 2021

OBIs 2021

Representatives of the Highlands and Islands Students Association at Perth College UHI hosted their annual OBI Awards on Friday 28 May - bringing students and staff together online despite ongoing challenges due to COVID-19.

The HISA Perth team transitioned the celebration online for the first time in 2020, to ensure the winning staff and students were given the recognition they deserved throughout the pandemic. An integral aspect of the Perth College UHI calendar, the OBI Awards acknowledge the Outstanding, Best and Inspiring staff and students, who dedicate their time to making the college more diverse and inclusive for all.

The awards allowed students to nominate in nine different categories from ‘Most Inspiring Lecturer’ to ‘Best Student Event’, and entries were judged by a panel consisting of staff, students, and student officers from Perth College UHI.

Commenting on the OBI Awards, HISA Perth President, Alex Wilson, said:

"Despite the challenges both staff and students have experienced, we were overjoyed to see the number and quality of nominations we received this year and how much our college community has supported each other during these difficult times.

“We were keen to replicate the face to face awards ceremony we would normally have in an online setting, so we're pleased that some of the nominees were able to make it along and give their thanks. Our biggest thanks go to those who took the time to submit a nomination form - this year more than ever it has meant a lot to those who received them."

Dr Margaret Cook, Perth College UHI Principal, added:

“The past year hasn’t been easy for our staff and students, but the OBI Awards shine a light on the very best of college life. There were many outstanding testimonials describing the excellent work of our staff and students that contribute to the student experience in Perth, and we are so appreciative of those that have helped us to foster a supportive college community throughout the challenges of the pandemic. We congratulate all those who were awarded an OBI, recognising the best, most inspiring and outstanding people within Perth College UHI.”

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This years winners were:

Most Inspiring Lecturer:  Kirstie Burn and Chris Heaney
Best Personal Academic Tutor: Scott Innes and Tracy MacGregor
Best Class Representative: Sarah Melvin and Lawrence Mullen
Most Inspiring Student: Debora Lato and Elliot Ralston
Outstanding Feedback: James Alexander and Laura Kelly
Outstanding Support Award (Non-teaching): David Gourlay
Best Research or Dissertation Supervisor: Nick Green
Best Club or Society: ESOL Book Club
Best Student Event: The Christmas High Tea organised by Professional Cookery
Best Overall Student: Winfrida Mwongela and Elliot Ralston

You can watch the awards ceremony here.

OBIs 2020 content

OBIs 2020

OBIs 2020

The winners for the OBI Awards 2020 were:

Most Inspiring Lecturer Lewis Cairns
Tracy McGregor
Neil Mugg
Fiona Stewart
Best Personal Academic Tutor Scott Innes
Rhona McCluskey
Tracy McGregor
Kyle Smith
Outstanding Research or ​Dissertation Supervisor Nuria Camps
Lesley McKee
Best Class Representative Adam Fodor
Lukasz Leus
Winfreda Mwongela
Holly Richardson
Most Inspiring Student Michaela Asisten
Dener Pereira
Catriona Shand
Tomazs Wysocki
Outstanding Support Staff (Non-Teaching) Maria Ramirez Jiminez
Best Student-Led Event

‘Living and Dying in Iron Age Caithness’

Perth Archaeology and History Society​

Singalong Movie Night

Hospitality and Professional Cooking Students​

Club or Society of the Year ESOL Book Club
Best Overall Student Michaela Asisten
Dener Pereira
OBIs 2019 content

OBIs 2019

OBIs 2019

The winners of the OBI Awards 2019 were:


Most Inspiring Lecturer

Kirsty Cassells - BMCL
Ronnie Dewar - ALS
Yunior Perdomo - CI
Norman Brunton - STEM

Best Personal Academic Tutor Kathryn Lynborg - BMCL
Brenda Marshall - ALC
John McRitchie - STEM
Best Class Rep Joanne Nicoll - BMCL
Ruta Urbane - ALS
Klaudia Bohatyrewicz - STEM
Most Inspiring Student

Alannah McDougall - BMCL
Kinga Kierzkowska and Evelyn Taylor - ALS
Michelle Wangui - CI
Carly Ratray - STEM

Outstanding Research and Dissertation Supervisor Ronnie Dewar
Outstanding Feedback and Learner Support Caroline Cowe
Learning Centre Staff Fermin Vidal
Club/Society of the Year Archaeology and History
Best Support Staff Ian McCartney
Best Student Led Event Culloden Memorial Event
Overall Outstanding Student Evelyn Taylor
OBIs 2018 content

OBIs 2018

OBIs 2018

The winners of the OBI Awards 2018 were:

Most Inspiring Lecturer Liz Courtney - BMCL
Shona Hedley - ALS
Greg McKenzie-Milne - CCI
Ahmad Ayub - STEM
Best Personal Academic Tutor Gavin Cooper - BMCL
Norman Wilson - ALS
Richard Smernicki - CCI
Robert Kay - STEM
Best Class Representative Nikki Houghton - BMCL
Dionne Netherington - ALS
Silvia Jarabekova - CCI
Most Inspiring Student
(staff nominated)
Audrey McEwan - BMCL
Craig Lithgow - ALS
Joshua McGrath - CCI
Most Inspiring Student
(student nominated)
Carol Oswald - BMCL
Gemma Martin - ALS
Kinga Kamrowska - CCI
Outstanding Support Becky Angus and Craig Lindsay
Outstanding Learning Centre Staff Susan Carter and Sue McNab
Most Improved/Developed Club or Society Basketball Club
Best Student Led Event

Guide Dogs Fundraiser - NC Accounting

Bet Overall Student

Dionne Netherington

OBIs 2017 content

OBIs 2017

OBIs 2017

The winners for the OBI Awards 2017 were:

AwardWinnersRunners- Up
Most Inspiring Lecturer Simon Fraser - BMCL
Caroline Cowe - ALS
Katy McClements - CCI
Ricky Neil - STEM

Laura Kelly - ALS
Diana King - ALS
Yunior Perdomo - CCI

Best Personal Academic Tutor Helen Doig - BMCL
Angela Lindie - ALS
Zack Moir - CCI
Ricky Neil - STEM
Best Class Representative Rachel Johnston - BMCL
Eilidh Talbot - ALS
Nikolay Gluhchey - CCI
Robert Sweeney - STEM

Most Inspiring Student
(staff nominated)

Pavlina Pajorova - BMCL
Gary Dobbin - ALS
Gary Sturrock - STEM
Julia Wolniak - ALS
Most Inspiring Student
(student nominated)
Stephanie Calderwood - BMCL
Helena Kmiecak - ALS
Ewan Petrie - CCI
John Wells - STEM
Thelma McNaught - BMCL
Heather Ratcliffe - ALS

Outstanding Support

Sam Monie
Janis Scott
Emma Simpson-Faichney

Outstanding Learning Centre Staff Carole Walden  
Most Improved/Developed Club or Society Reading Club  
Best Student-Led Event Peugot 206 Project Car – Automotive Engineering Collections for Good Causes – HNC AIT Group A
Best Overall Student Stephanie Calderwood  
OBIs 2016 content

OBIs 2016

OBIs 2016

The winners for the OBI Awards 2016 were:

Most Inspiring Lecturer Kathryn Lyneborg - BMCL
Veronica McIldowie - SLLE
Mark McSporran - CI
Irene Lawrie - HESS
Gary Gentles - EST
Best Personal Academic Tutor Gisele Reid - BMCL
Jo Grant - SLLE
Lisa Lulis - CI
Suzanne Miller - HESS
Kevin Lamont - EST
Best Class Representative Catherine Ruddy - BMCL
Kristina MacKenzie - SLLE
Annemarie Allan - HESS
Pamela Wilkinson - EST
Most Inspiring Student
(staff nominated)
Kirsty MacDuff - BMCL
Maria MacKay - CI
Ellie Jamieson - HESS
Most Inspiring Student
(student nominated)
Sam Finlayson - BMCL
Jemma Stewart - SLLE
Joshua McGrath - CI
John Gibson - HESS
Jenny Insley - EST
Outstanding Support Linda Lamont
Scott Young
Most Improved/Developed Club or Society Mens Basketball team
Best Student Led Event Talent Show
Best Overall Student Kristina MacKenzie
OBIs 2015 content

OBIs 2015

OBIs 2015

The winners for the OBI Awards 2015 were:



Most Inspiring Lecturer

Liz Courtney - BMCL
Caroline Cowe - SLLE
Dave Paterson - CI
Debbie Corbett- HESS
David Adcock - EST

Best Personal Academic Tutor

June Schulte - BMCL
Caroline Cowe - SLLE
Andy Wardle- CI
Ronnie Dewar - HESS

SRC Award for Student Engagement

Liam Bruce - BMCL
Jacub Bernadic - SLLE
Stephanie Furlong - HESS
Mahtab Bilal – EST

Julia Rainer - CI

Significant Contribution to Quality Enhancement

Chelsea Cahill - BMCL
Jordane Marson - SLEE
Mahatab Bilal - EST

Outstanding Support

Janis Scott – International Centre
Emma Simpson – Learner Support

Most Improved or newly Developed Club or Society

LGBT+ Society

Best Overall Student Representative

Mahtab Bilal – Aircraft Engineering

OBI Certificate of Recognition

Liam Bruce – HND Sport and Fitness Student