Who can attend?

Graduands content


If you are a final year student on a higher education course then you should register to graduate.

There are some circumstances when this might not be the best thing to do:

Degree awards

You can't graduate twice with the same degree, so if you expect to get a degree this year, and hope to go on to Honours, then you shouldn't register or attend this year's Ceremony.

HNC awards

If you expect to qualify with an HNC, but hope to go on to an HND, you can graduate twice, but will have to pay a fee for each Graduation Ceremony.

If you're not sure if you want to do this, contact our Graduation Co-ordinator.

If you have already registered, then you decide you want to progress to an HND and not graduate with an HNC, please tell us right away.

Your HNC graduation fee will be held over to the following year when you graduate with an HND, unless you tell us you want to graduate twice.

Outstanding fees

If you have any outstanding debt you may not be eligible to graduate.  To graduate, please settle your debts with our Student Records Finance Team (call 01738 877000) immediately.

If you settle these debts less than 14 working days before the ceremony, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to attend the Graduation Ceremony.  Print deadlines mean that your name will not appear in our graduate lists in the press or programme. Therefore it is important that you keep your address and contact details up to date.


Regardless of whether or not you attend the Ceremony, the awarding body for your course will send your certificate directly to your home address. When you attend our Graduation Ceremony you will receive a special commemorative scroll provided by Perth College UHI as a memento of your achievement.


For all information related to guests of Gradunds please see What happens on the day - Guests for further information.