What happens on the day - Guests


The ceremony takes place at Perth Concert Hall, Mill Street, Perth, PH1 5HZ.

Parking guide

For information on where to park in Perth to access the Graduation Ceremony, please see the Perth and Kinross Council parking guide.

Guest seating tickets

Graduands will be able to collect their guests’ tickets at Perth Concert Hall, at the time they Register on the day of the Ceremony.

Arrival at Concert Hall

While the person graduating will be given an allocated time to attend at the Concert Hall to register, guests do not need to arrive for that time.  The suggested timings for guests are noted below.

Upon arriving at the Concert Hall, guests should arrange to collect their ticket from the Graduand and when entering the Auditorium, show the ticket to staff, so guests can be directed to the correct seating areas. 

Entry to auditorium

While guests can arrive at the Concert Hall at any time, they will only be able to access the Auditorium for their seats between 12.50pm and 1.15pm.

Entry to the ground floor of the Auditorium is by the door at the right hand side of the Foyer only.  For the balcony area, guests should go up the stairs in the centre of the Foyer and enter the auditorium by either door.

Guests are asked to arrive promptly.  If guests are not seated by the start of the Ceremony then access to the auditorium will only be granted after all the speeches have finished.

There is a cloakroom in the entrance foyer for coats and bags.

During the ceremony

During the Ceremony guests are asked to stay in the auditorium.  Once guests leave the Auditorium re-entry will only be allowed at our discretion.

After the ceremony

There will be a procession of all the graduates and staff through the centre of Perth after the Ceremony.  If guests wish, they may view the procession through the centre of Perth. 

Drinks reception

Upon the procession’s return to the Concert Hall graduates and guests will be able to meet up in the foyer and join the Principal and other guests at the Drinks Reception.

Below is an example schedule for the day, although all times are approximate and subject to change. Confirmed timings will be included with your invitation.


Registration and gowning


Graduands line up outside along the glass wall of the Concert Hall to take seats in Auditorium


Auditorium opens for guests


Graduands enter the Auditorium to take their seat


All Graduands and guests to be seated


Academic Procession


Ceremony Commences

15.30 approx

Ceremony ends

Procession through the centre of Perth


Reception, Foyer for all Graduates, guests, staff and VIP guests


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