Tickets and Final Pack


Tickets, extra tickets and final Information


Each student is guaranteed 2 guest tickets (you do not need one for yourself).

Please note: Students have the option to select 0, 1 or 2 of the guaranteed tickets.  If you want both of your guaranteed guest tickets, then you need to make sure you select the 2 tickets and that both tickets are in your basket.  If you don’t select your guaranteed tickets, then you won’t receive any of the guaranteed tickets.

Contact Details:

Remember, as we will be contacting you throughout the registration and ticketing process, it is important that you have made sure your contact details (address, mobile phone number and email address) are updated in ‘Student Journey’ by 31 July.

If any of your contact details change after 31 July, please make sure that you email the Graduation Co-ordinator who will update the graduation files with your new details.


Extra Tickets

If any additional tickets become available, a text will be sent to your mobile to tell you and to remind you that the extra tickets will be available, on a 'first come-first served basis', from 5pm on 14 September - please see our Frequently Asked Questions document for further details. Extra tickets cost £10 each.

What if I am unsuccessful in being able to order any extra tickets and will there be a Waiting List?

 We regret that it is not always possible for us to accommodate all requests for additional tickets, due to the seating capacity in the Concert Hall Auditorium. 

  1. If you are not successful in gaining extra tickets you can email the Graduation Co-ordinator, advising how many extra tickets you are looking for (up to a maximum of 2 tickets).  Your name will then be added to a Waiting List for extra tickets, should they be available. 
  2. If you are successful in gaining extra tickets, but would like more, then please email the Graduation Co-ordinator, advising how many further tickets you are looking for (up to a maximum of 2 tickets).  Your name will then be added to a waiting list for any further extra tickets, should they be available.
  3. You will be given a deadline to order and pay for your extra tickets and this will be communicated to you when the Graduation Co-ordinator contacts you to offer you extra tickets.

Please read the Terms and Conditions and Graduation Waiting List Protocol for further information on this process.


Graduation final information and tickets

If you have registered for graduation and qualified for your award, we will send your final graduation information by e-mail. This will usually be send to you a minimum of 7 days before the event.

The e-mail will include a letter giving you an allocated appointment time to arrive at the Concert Hall to collect your robes. This email will also contain a briefing guide giving you full details about the Ceremony.

Your guest tickets (you don’t need one) will be available for collection, on the day of the Ceremony, when you register, at Perth Concert Hall. Please bring your appointment letter on the day.


What happens if I do not receive my final information pack and tickets:

If you haven’t received your final pack by 30 September, please contact the Graduation Co-ordinator.