Guest information


Inviting guests

All guests, including children, must have a ticket before they can enter the hall. Please select the number of tickets you require when you register, each Graduand is entitled to two tickets.

Young children

Graduation ceremonies are formal occasions and can last for over two hours. They are, therefore, not really suitable for babies or young children under school age and so we advise that you make alternative arrangements for small children and recommend that you do not bring them into the hall.

If you are bringing younger guests to our ceremony, please remember this is a formal, academic event, so other guests would appreciate the chance to enjoy it.  You may be asked to sit at the end of an aisle, or near an exit, so that the child can be taken outside should they become restless.  We would appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

Once your guests are seated in the auditorium, they should stay there until the end of the ceremony. If they have to leave before then, they will not be re-admitted until our stewards decide it’s an appropriate time.

Special arrangements for guests

Where possible, we will make appropriate arrangements for guests with additional support needs. Please indicate this when registering and we will contact you to discuss your requirements. We will make every effort to ensure that all your party will be kept together so they will be seated next to each other.  However, please note that due to seating capacity at the venue, this may not always be possible.

Contact us

You can contact our Graduation Co-ordinator here.