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Dr Rosalind Bryce

Rosalind is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Mountain Studies. She carries out research on applied conservation and environmental management at Scottish and European levels. Originally an ecologist, Rosalind now works on interdisciplinary projects that consider the social dimension of how we manage our natural resources. Her recent research includes projects on deer management, land ownership, ecotourism and social innovations.

Research interests include :

  • The influence of social factors, such as values, motivations and social networks on decision making and responses to environmental problems.
  • Improving the integration of cultural ecosystem services into environmental decision making
  • Understanding how environmental research evidence is used in policy and practice
  • Integrated land use
  • Invasive species management
  • Ecosystem engineering

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Nuria Camps

Nuria is undertaking a Ph.D. by publication and her research interest relates to new technology and teaching and learning, distance learning and virtual learning environments. Previous research activities include gender imbalance within the oil and gas sector and STEM education within schools.

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Dr Khristin Fabian

Khristin is a Senior Learning Technologist at Perth College UHI and a Research Fellow in the Centre for Computing Education Research, within Edinburgh Napier University.

Her research interest includes educational technology, mathematics education and student transitions.

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Dr Seán McLaughlin

Seán's background is in popular music and cultural studies - though previous research projects have looked at Scottish folk music and professionalisation, curriculum for excellence in FE, and songwriting in post-compulsory music education. He has been involved in neo-Marxist critiques of UK popular music programmes, and is an active song-writer and performer - with particular research interests in popular music education, institutions, mediation and creative practice. 

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Dr Patrick O’Donnell

Patrick is the Research Coordinator at Perth College UHI and his research interests include:  learner transitions; learning spaces; education policy formation, interpretation and enactment; institutional cultural change; teacher professionalism; vocational education; curriculum design, teaching and learning.   

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Professor Martin Price

Director of the Centre for Mountain Studies

Since the late 1970s, Martin has conducted research in the mountains of North America, Western and Eastern Europe, and Siberia, focusing on the interactions of resident and visiting people with environmental processes, with particular emphasis on forestry, tourism, conservation, and the implementation of policies and interdisciplinary research.

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Dr Andy Ruck

Research Associate, Centre for Mountain Studies

Two inter-connected themes link Andy’s research interests: Participatory conservation and land management, and paying attention to “local” or “situated” voices and experiences. These themes were most recently reflected in his PhD research, which explored young people’s experiences of the Polli:Nation project – a UK-wide, school-based initiative based around practical conservation and citizen science. Andy has also previously conducted research into “indigenous” identity among crofters in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, and environmental volunteering within the Cairngorms National Park.

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Dr Kyle Smith

Kyle's research interests include: literature, cultural studies, history and education.

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Dr Efstathios (Stathis) - Alexandros Tingas

Stathis' research interests extends from applied mathematics to computational fluid dynamics (CFD), such as: asymptotic analysis/model reduction of multiscale systems; high fidelity modeling and analysis of turbulent reacting flows (flame-flow/turbulence interaction; engine pre-ignition/(super) knock; pollutant/flame/ignition control; turbulent flame structure and topology; MILD combustion); refinement and calibration of chemical kinetics mechanisms; development of simplified (skeletals) and reduced (non-stiff) kinetics models; asymptotic analysis on biological (multiscale) systems (emphasis on brain metabolism); asymptotic analysis of non-autonomous systems of ODEs and chaotic systems. 

Dr Steven Timoney

Steven has undertaken a variety of heritage interpretation projects and research into different aspects of interpretation practice. His wider research interests include: interpretation of cultural heritage; the visitor experience at heritage sites; public and community archaeology; and social geography - particularly landscape and societies past and present.

Steven is also a Research Associate with the Institute for Northern Studies.

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Dr Diana Valero

Research Associate/Project Coordinator, Centre for Mountain Studies

Diana’s PhD research explored the performance of Spanish local Council in rural areas facing social exclusion process using qualitative interviews with rural majors and QCA analysis techniques. This was done to explore in depth the actions implemented by local governments in rural areas and the political diversity among them.

Diana has a particular interest in exploring social issues and political phenomena in rural areas.

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