The show ‘goes on’ in support of World Aids Day

Perth College UHI students have made sure that they are marking World Aids Day with an exhibition, despite the Covid restrictions.

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An artwork featured in the World Aids Day exhibition.

Usually, the Contemporary Art Practice and Visual Communication students host an exhibition at the Perth Concert Hall, but adapted for the annual event on 1 December.

Simon Reekie, BA Art and Contemporary Practices Programme Leader explained: “This is our tenth annual exhibition for World Aids Day and this year the students have adapted wonderfully to the situation we currently find ourselves in. The exhibition will be taking place on Instagram, showcasing a wide variety of work including paintings, posters, digital work, sculptures, drawings and video.

As part of their ‘Exhibition of Contemporary Artform’ class, Contemporary Art Practice students are also involved in marketing and documenting the exhibition.

Anne Marie Barnett, HND Contemporary Art student explained: “The similarities with Coronavirus has made this year's World Aids Day project especially relevant.” June Harris, HND Contemporary Art student added: “Art documents the issues - we all hope sense provides the solutions.”

Helen Roger, Visual Communications Course Leader said: “Over the past few months, we have seen countless examples of Visual Communication in use: designers coming together to use their graphic design, engineering, digital, manufacturing, and urban space skills to respond to the Covid-19 crisis. This HIV awareness project also explores ‘widespread and subliminal’ impact of Visual Communication on health and wellbeing. Our HND Visual Communications students have once again engaged with World Aids Day and created designs that can be a force for change.”

The exhibition can be viewed at