Student helps nursery plant tree on campus

Matthieu Fricaudet, a BSc (Hons) Forest Management student at the Scottish School of Forestry at Inverness College UHI, has enabled nursery children at Perth College UHI to plant a fir tree on the Crieff Road Campus.

Matthieu, and his son Pierre, are part of the Perth College UHI Eco Committee which works to educate the children about environmental issues and help them consider what they can do to make a difference.

As part of his course, Matthieu is currently on a placement with RTS Forestry in Crieff, who kindly donated the tree to the Perth College UHI nursery.

Matthieu commented:

“The nursery and I thought that it would be great to get the wee ones involved in tree planting, and teach them the role forests play in our environment and why trees are important. I am grateful to both the University and RTS Forestry for their support in the process, and hope it will inspire future generations to take an interest in trees and the environment.”