EIS-FELA Industrial Action 2022

Due to industrial action planned by college lecturers across Scotland, classes are at risk of cancellation - unless lecturers have directly communicated other arrangements to students.

The College continues to be open for essential face to face teaching where staff have confirmed to students that they are not undertaking industrial action and for emergency student support.

The nursery will remain open, as are College buildings, library and bookable study spaces. Air Service Training classes will continue to run as planned and the Students’ Association HISA Perth can be contacted as normal.

Industrial Action FAQ’s

  • Why is the strike taking place?
    The national dispute is regarding an ongoing pay dispute from 2021-22. Discussions to resolve this are taking place at a national level between the EIS and the group representing colleges’ management, College Employers Scotland (formerly the Employers’ Association). This means individual colleges cannot directly influence talks.

  • What happens on strike days?
    During strike days, classes will be cancelled (unless your lecturer tells you otherwise), however our campuses will remain open for you to undertake self-directed study or access our support services. You are encouraged to continue to engage in learning online on the strike days.

  • When are the strike days planned to happen?
    (Please note these dates are being updated every week)

    The EIS has informed the College it plans to hold full days of strike action on these days:
    - Tuesday 21 June, Thursday 23 June and Friday 24 June
    - Monday 27 June, Tuesday 28 June and Wednesday 29 June.

    We hope that a resolution can be reached nationally soon to avoid strike dates and we will update all students on any planned action being taken on further dates nearer the time.
  • What will happen on the strike day?
    As we will not know which lecturers will be working until the day of the strike, all classes will be cancelled unless you are told otherwise by your lecturer. Your lecturer will contact you directly if your class is going ahead online or on campus.

    It is important that you know, while the strike happens across colleges in Scotland, at Perth College UHI, we will do everything possible to support you and reduce the impact. On the strike day, if your class is cancelled, you are encouraged to continue to engage in learning online and will be able to access all of our online learning platforms and resources. Our support staff will also be working during the strike day. Our campuses will be open to support you with self-directed study.

    Any plans to cancel classes on future strike dates will be shared with students nearer the time.

  • I have an exam scheduled to take place on one of the strike days, will this go ahead?
    Exams will not be affected on strike days. Arrangements will be in place to ensure all national exams will go ahead on campus as normal. You will receive further information about your exams nearer the time.

  • How will the college prevent any more disruption to students?
    We will ensure that all students are supported to complete their studies. Our online learning platforms will be available to all students on strike days, and we will make sure students have access to all the learning materials they need to study and prepare for assessments We recognise the importance of ensuring the wellbeing of our learners and all student support teams will be available throughout the period of industrial action to provide help and assistance, wherever required.

  • Will my bursary be affected by the strike day?
    No. The strike days will not affect your student support payments.

  • What should I do on the strike day?
    Unless you are told otherwise by your lecturer, where possible we encourage you to continue to engage in self-directed study on the strike day. You will be able to access all of our online learning platforms and resources and our support staff will also be working to support you.

  • Why has no solution been found yet?
    Talks are continuing nationally between the EIS and College Employers Scotland, with regular meetings scheduled, in the hope that a resolution can be reached to avoid any further unnecessary disruption for students.

  • Can Perth College UHI do more to influence the outcome?
    Unfortunately, no. All the negotiations take place on a national level. Individual colleges are not responsible for reaching an agreement and so, like all colleges in Scotland, we will have to wait to see what the outcome of the national level talks are.

  • Who can I speak to if I’m worried about how this might affect my studies?
    Our staff are committed to supporting you to complete your studies. If you have any concerns, please speak to your lecturer or our Student Services teams