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The Business Link is working to become a natural centre for expertise and an information conduit for entrepreneurial activity in the region.

Promoting entrepreneurial activity

We are working to pro-actively promote and assist in entrepreneurial activity within both our student body and the wider community.

We are building relationships with local businesses to help encourage an ongoing culture of innovation, as well as to offer our students opportunities to gain hands-on experience within existing business structures.

Our strong ties with Scottish industry provide us with firm contextualised direction so that our students and the local business community benefit from the very latest in business thinking.


  • Research to identify good practice in business start-up initiatives, particularly in other countries where education institutions and other agencies have worked together successfully to stimulate entrepreneurship and business birth rates
  • Awareness raising activities including networking events and opportunities
  • Technical training assistance through mentoring and practical support in business planning, market research and marketing
  • Facilitation of new peer and mentoring networks

We invite you to get involved

As part of our work to assist our students with gaining hands-on experience before initiating their own business start-ups, we are building relationships with local businesses that are interested in offering work placement or project opportunities.

If you think that your business will benefit from an enthusiastic student intern, we invite you to contact us to discuss project work or work placement opportunities within your business.

To find out more, please contact us.

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