Jonathan White


jonathan white

How did you manage studying from home? What course do you study?

I study Early Education and Childcare at UHI Perth. I must admit that my lecturers, especially my PAT Angela Barrie, are really supportive and provide a wide range of opportunities to help and make studying from home as easy as it can be. I cannot complain, under these challenging time I am still going to be qualified and gain the relevant knowledge and this is what is matter. Attending classes from my living room makes it easier and comfortable. There are obviously negative impacts as well, but as long as you feel the sunshine inside, who would have time to focus what is the weather like outside?

How do you balance your studies and exercise?

As I have been working out for almost three years, I have already got around how to find a good balance. What would it be better than starting a day with exercising? There is some kind of romance in the early mornings when everything is still sleeping but you, go to the gym and finish an hour/ hour-and-half workout. Then the sun starts shining and people start going to work and you have already achieved something and did something for your health. There is definitely pleasure and joy (and some pain and tiredness) in those mornings.

What keeps you motivated?

I workout to keep myself healthy, and if I do it appropriately and well its side effect is a good shape, so must do it right then. Apart from enjoying being in a good shape I do plan living for a long and healthy life and would love to be able to run after my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren (as long as it is not a marathon.) Would anyone need more motivation than a healthy and happy life?

From your own experience, how does exercise impact on your mental health? Does exercising positively impact on your studies and how?

Working out definitely improves my mental health and my mood significantly improves during and after a workout. I admit that if I am blue, I do not always want to do exercises but worth doing it, feel brighter afterwards.

What’s your greatest exercise accomplishment?

Well, I am pretty proud of completing 3000 pushups in November 2020 as a challenge and also losing 13 kilograms recently. The key is to push yourself a little bit further but get some rest too, work with your body and not against it. Gaining weight does not happen in one night, neither losing does. Give yourself time and also be kind to your own body (it wants the best for you)

What advice would you give to others who are looking to become more active?

There are several ways how you can live your life and you must be the one who decides which one fits you the best. You should find motivation but before it, find out why you want to be more active. If it is because you want to lose weight, look behind your problem- do you really want to lose weight or is it just because of a toxic relationship or social pressure? You should be satisfied with your own look and does not matter what others think about you. As soon as you realize how beautiful you are, your size will not matter any longer. Do not start going to the gym because you “must”, do it because you want it.

If there are any health issues, find a good trainer (plenty works for ASW!) and get their advice on what you should do and what you should not. Try to find the type of exercise you like and nail it.

Whatever your goal is, you do not have to “climb all mountains”. We tend to enjoy things we like and what is the point of doing those exercises you hate?

I used to be overweighted and had dreaded to go to the gym at first. I thought I would look funny and ashamed surrounding bodybuilders and those who have already known what to do. But on the 5th of November 2018 my lovely classmate, Marcela, took me to the gym at the very first time. It was a great positive disappointment as no soul was interested in what I was doing there. Everyone minds their own businesses and there are not just masculine people, but beginners and all of them wants to be better than themselves were the day before and not better than you. Do not be afraid of going to a gym! Get your water bottle, put your music on and just do it. All of us were a beginner one day. Good luck, you can do it, tiger! And one day you will be amazed by how further you went.