Hayley Dargie


Hayley, one of our lovely gym members fed back her journey and appreciation of support to ASW staff:

"I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at ASW, I’ve grown hugely in confidence since I joined. When it comes to my own training, I went from never wanting or having the knowledge or confidence to train my upper body to absolutely loving it and it’s become my favourite thing to train these past few weeks!

"My confidence began when I started Personal Training with Mandy - which feels like it was ages ago. I looked back at my initial program and noted the difference in my weights that I now train with. I used to be a great believer in the myth that lifting heavy weights made me bulky - which I’ve learnt is not true - again from Mandy and her team.


"The support and motivation has been great and the atmosphere when you walk in the gym is so much more positive and boosting than walking into others. I’ve had a fair few wobbles and slip ups in my fitness journey - but again you guys have helped get me back on the right track. It’s a true saying #morethanagym and #agymthatcares.

"The ASW is very much my happy place and place to destress and clear my head. I’ve struggled sometimes not having the gym through my numerous injuries but when I do get back, it puts me straight back on the right track.

"Thank you Mandy and her ASW team"

One of many inspirational stories from our members. We truly care about your journey and are always here to support you along the way!