Gemma McKenzie



How are you balancing work/ childcare/ exercise?

The million dollar question!! For me it is all about having a plan and sticking to it. I plan what activity I will be doing each day and schedule it in my diary for a specific time. I don’t like to deviate from my plans so, if it is in there, I will do it – no excuses.  Exercise is one of the easiest things to remove from a busy day but it’s really important to prioritise it.

What keeps you motivated?

Friends first and foremost – when you see someone’s Strava activity it’s definitely a motivation to get up and exercise. I don’t like feeling like I’m missing out!  Lynne and I have still managed (when regulations allowed) to get out for a run together once a week so this is a great motivation – when others are relying on you too.  Signing up for virtual races has been a great motivation too – I thought it was a bazaar concept at first but when you get that medal through the letterbox it is addictive!

Have you signed up to any challenges/ have you achieved any PB’s/ have you completed any challenges recently?

Yes a lot of virtual races and some that are accumulator challenges which are great fun and encourage you to get out running more.  Lynne and I did the Auchterarder Chilli race in December too – all I’ll say is hills, hills and more hills but we loved it (I think!)

What advice would you give to others who are looking to become more active?

Don’t ‘start on Monday’ – start today.  Take small steps to change if needed, whether you go for a walk or join in an online class.  Perhaps even push yourself to complete a challenge – some people need the accountability (or shiny medal).  Don’t put it off, make time for exercise and you’ll ALWAYS feel better for it.  I honestly can’t think of a time where I haven’t felt better after exercise.