Emma Bowman


Emma Bowman, Perth College UHI Foundation Apprenticeship and Schools Programme Coordinator ASW Gym member since 2017

Emma Bowman

 How are you managing work life balance?

I’m really strict about making sure I take a break at lunchtime, I love getting outside with the dog to get some fresh air and pack in those all important steps.

How has your exercise routine changed?

Through lockdown I’ve been running a lot, but usually I’d be focussing more on getting in to the ASW for classes, it’s been great to mix things up. 

What keeps you motivated?

Signing up for the Maggie’s challenge has been really motivating in January. Longer term, I have been motivated by tracking my progress, connecting with like-minded people and overall achieving a healthy lifestyle that still supports the odd Saturday night take-away!

How does exercise impact on your mental & physical health?

Hugely. I feel energised, happier and stronger. When exercise can also be social that’s a real positive for me, especially as I’m alone all day.

Have you signed up to any challenges/ have you achieved any PB’s/ have you completed any challenges recently?

I recently completed the Maggie’s 50 miles challenge in January, hitting over 70 miles and raising just over £400. The miles have been getting faster which is a bonus. I’ve also been doing the ASW 5k a day challenge to make sure I’m getting my steps up on rest days. It’s great being part of the group which helps us all motivate each other.

What are you looking forward to the most once lockdown ends

Getting back to ASW is high on the list and just achieving a bit more normality. It would be good to be able to see friends and family again soon. Fingers crossed!

What advice would you give to others who are looking to become more active?

Signing up for fitness classes, online or in the gym, helps with accountability. It’s helpful to set goals that are always achievable, so if I’m having an off day I’ll just do 15 minutes HITT in the living room, go for a brisk walk or do a stretch class. Similarly, setting achievable longer term goals gives a sense of accomplishment when you get there, for example, aim to be active 3 days per week, and build things up as you feel ready. You really don’t have to exercise for hours on end to see results.