COVID 19 Customer Guidelines


UKActive Approved COVID19 Fitness Centre

We are proud to be a UKActive COVID19 Approved Fitness Centre. We have followed the fitness sector's recommended framework for reopening.

Our members and customers can have confidence that when you return to your gym or fitness class, you will be getting active in a safe environment.

Please read our COVID Guidelines below (updated 16 August 2021). 

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Exercising Spaces content

Exercising Spaces

Exercising Spaces


There is now no requirement to book your gym space in advance. Turn up and go! 

Mixed Gym 

  • No booking required
  • CO2 levels checked regularly and during peak time 
  • Consisting of mixed CV and fixed weight machines 
  • Dumbells, barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, powerbags, mats, ab roller, resistance bands & more! 
  • Training spaces available to do your own body/ free weight workout 
  • Cleaning station includes QFS spray, QFS wet wipes, dry roll and hand sanitiser
  • Please wear clean, indoor shoes at all times.

Strength and Conditioning

  • No booking required
  • CO2 levels checked regularly and during peak time 
  • Eleiko Strength & Conditioning equipment
  • 6 racks
  • Training parters permitted
  • Spotting permitted
  • Competent users only
  • Cleaning station includes QFS spray, QFS wet wipes, dry roll and hand sanitiser.
  • Please wear clean, indoor shoes at all times.
Memberships content



Looking to Join?

COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW BEFORE YOUR 1ST VISIT (no pre-payment required).  

No pre-payment required. Complete direct debit on first visit to ASW. Remember to bring your bank details and suitable method of payment.
See FAQ’s for more information.

Please read the ASW Gym Terms & Conditions  and ASW Gym Membership Privacy Notice to find out more about your membership agreement and how we use your data.



Gym Access and Fitness Classes (Normal membership)

  • Student - £10
  • Staff - £20
  • Adult - £25
  • Concession - £22.50
  • Non PC UHI Student - £22.50
  • PC Alumni - £22.50
  • Junior Membership - £15

Live Stream - Wellness and Fitness Classes

  • Members - £3 top up to gym membership
  • Non-members - £8

Members and Non-members

  • £3 per class

Company partnership rates are available.
Please contact us for more information!

Fitness Classes content

Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

fitness class timetable

Full Hybrid Fitness Class Timetable (included in gym membership)

Book up to 5 fitness OR gym spaces each day and up to 30 sessions per week!

Don't have the App? Don't worry!

Contact us to book your space!

Cancellations: Customers must cancel up to one hour before class or gym sessions are due to start to avoid any strikes. Receive more than 3 strikes per month, customers may face restricted booking for 1 month.

Live Stream Wellness Class Timetable

NEW Live Stream Wellness Class Timetable

We are excited to reveal our BRAND NEW Hybrid Wellness and Fitness Class Timetable.

A great way to stay active and look after your own wellbeing from home.

Non- members £8 per month  

  1. Complete the membership form and select “Live Stream Wellness & Fitness”
  2. We will process your application form and send you a link to the app within 24 hours.
  3. Head to the shop in mywellness app & purchase £8 live stream option.

Existing members £3 bolt on to gym membership

  1. Head to the shop in mywellness app & purchase £3 bolt on option.
Changing Rooms, Lockers and Toilets content

Changing Rooms, Lockers and Toilets

Changing Rooms, Lockers and Toilets

Our changing rooms are now open! Hand dryers and hair dryers are switched on. 

Showers and changing rooms will be deep cleaned 3 times per day (around peak time). 


Ventilation content



All exercise spaces within ASW gym will be closely montiored to ensure ventilation meets reccommeded levels beyond Level 0.

ASW will monitor humidity, CO2 and temperature to ensure conditionsare met. 

Face Masks content

Face Masks

Face Masks

All customers must continue to wear facemasks when moving around the facility. 

We will not ask members and customers to wear facemasks whilst exercising.

"Give people space" content

"Give people space"

"Give people space"

Whilst social distancing is no longer required, we encourage members to adopt the "give people space" message by giving other customers space where possible. 

Cleaning and Sanitising Stations content

Cleaning and Sanitising Stations

Cleaning and Sanitising Stations

We continue to provide cleaning and sanitising stations throughout ASW. 

Members and customers are required to wash and sanitise hands regularly during your visit.

Customers must continue to sanitise hands regularly. 

Members and customers must use the approved cleaning solution and disposable roll to thoroughly sanitise touch points and the equipment as usual, after each use.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Schedules content

Cleaning and Disinfecting Schedules

Cleaning and Disinfecting Schedules

We kindly remind all customers to clean all equipment after use and wash/ sanitise hands regularly.  

Routine cleaning:

We are allocated at least 1 member of staff to deep clean equipment, surfaces and areas every day. You may see us safely cleaning around you while you workout.

End of day deep clean:

Carried out 1 hour every night, 7 days per week, before closure. Clean and sanitise all touch points, gym spaces, surfaces, equipment & flooring.

Weekend Routine Cleaning:

We have more time available at the weekend which we spend deep cleaning all equipment, gym spaces, surfaces, equipment & flooring.

Monthly Deep Clean:

We allocate a cleaning team every month to deep clean all of our equipment, flooring, surfaces, store cupboards, frames, apparatus in great detail. We move equipment and get into nitty gritty areas you can't see to ensure all spaces and the air stays ultra clean.

Fitness Classes

Please clean all your equipment and surface areas thoroughly after use. ASW team will clean fitness equipment regularly on top of this.

Water Fountains & vending machines content

Water Fountains & vending machines

Water Fountains & vending machines

The water fountains are now available to use.

We look forward to providing new vending machines with a fresh range of snacks and drinks very soon! 

Feedback/ complaints content

Feedback/ complaints

Feedback/ complaints

We are doing our very best to meet the standards and expectations of every gym user. 

Feedback is very important to us, if you have either positive or negative feedback you wish to share with us, please e-mail and a member of the team will be in touch within 48 hours.