COVID 19 Customer Guidelines


UKActive Approved COVID19 Fitness Centre

We are proud to be a UKActive COVID19 Approved Fitness Centre. We have followed the fitness sector's recommended framework for reopening.

Our members and customers can have confidence that when you return to your gym or fitness class, you will be getting active in a safe environment.

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Reopening and key dates content

Reopening and key dates

Reopening and key dates

ASW Gym will operate to Level 0 restrictions from Monday 19 July

All customers must keep 1m distance throught ASW building at all times. Facemasks must be worn at all times (unless exempt) and should not be worn during exercise.

Check out our full fitness class timetable which includes a wide range of Hybrid fitness and wellness classes. Opening hours will remain the same.

All gym sessions and fitness classes must be booked via the mywellness app in advance. For those who do not have access to the app, please contact us for more information.

Memberships content



Looking to Join?

  1. Complete the membership form below. Select your membership option on the form. Gym membership AND/OR Live Stream Options included.
  2. We will process your application form and send you a link to the app within 24 hours.
  3. Pay on your first visit. (Live stream memberships pay at the shop in the app!)

No pre-payment required. Complete direct debit on first visit to ASW. Remember to bring your bank details and suitable method of payment.
See FAQ’s for more information.

Please read the ASW Gym Terms & Conditions  and ASW Gym Membership Privacy Notice to find out more about your membership agreement and how we use your data.



Gym Access and Fitness Classes (Normal membership)

  • Student - £10
  • Staff - £20
  • Adult - £25
  • Concession - £22.50
  • Non PC UHI Student - £22.50
  • PC Alumni - £22.50
  • Junior Membership - £15

Live Stream - Wellness and Fitness Classes

  • Members - £3 top up to gym membership
  • Non-members - £8

Members and Non-members

  • £3 per class

Company partnership rates are available.
Please contact us for more information!

Fitness Classes content

Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

fitness class timetable

Full Hybrid Fitness Class Timetable (included in gym membership)

Book up to 5 fitness OR gym spaces each day and up to 15 sessions per week!

Don't have the App? Don't worry!

Contact us to book your space!

Cancellations: Customers must cancel up to one hour before class or gym sessions are due to start to avoid any strikes. Receive more than 3 strikes per month, customers may face restricted booking for 1 month.

Live Stream Wellness Class Timetable

NEW Live Stream Wellness Class Timetable

We are excited to reveal our BRAND NEW Hybrid Wellness and Fitness Class Timetable.

A great way to stay active and look after your own wellbeing from home.

Non- members £8 per month  

  1. Complete the membership form and select “Live Stream Wellness & Fitness”
  2. We will process your application form and send you a link to the app within 24 hours.
  3. Head to the shop in mywellness app & purchase £8 live stream option.

Existing members £3 bolt on to gym membership

  1. Head to the shop in mywellness app & purchase £3 bolt on option.
Exercising Spaces content

Exercising Spaces

Exercising Spaces

Main Gym

  • The main gym will reamin as per exisiting layout until 0m rule in August (indicitave date)
  • Continue to wear a mask around Main Gym (whilst not exercising)
  • Cardiovascular equipment remains 2.5m apart from Monday 19 July. 
  • 9m2 training spaces remain same from Monday 19 July. 
  • Dumbbells and mats will be available with rigorous cleaning and user cleaning guidelines in place.
  • Please clean all equipment thoroughly after use. 
  • Please clean all small equipment after use before returning to storage.
  • Two cleaning stations include QFS spray, QFS wet wipes, dry roll and hand sanitiser.
  • Please wear clean, indoor shoes at all times.

Gym 2

  • Resistance equipment remains 2m apart from 19 July
  • Continue to wear a mask around Gym 2 (whilst not exercising)
  • Please clean all equipment thoroughly after use. 
  • HIIT/ Core workouts available.
  • Two cleaning stations include QFS spray, QFS wet wipes, dry roll and hand sanitiser.
  • Please wear clean, indoor shoes at all times.


Strength and Conditioning

  • Exising capacity guidelines ramin in place from Monday 19 July
  • 1m social distancing rule applies= no close contact= no training patners.
  • Spacious training spaces with squat racks allocated within the booking system.
  • 2 persons from this group will be permitted to use the Resistance Room at any time within allocated booking slot.
  • Only competent users will gain access through the booking app.
  • NO heavy lifting or spotting allowed.
  • Cleaning station includes QFS spray, QFS wet wipes, dry roll and hand sanitiser.
  • Please wear clean, indoor shoes at all times.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your session to allow plenty time to scan in, sanitise and get organised for your session to start on time!

See booking conditions for further information.

Cashless Payments content

Cashless Payments

Cashless Payments

To reduce touch points and reduce COVID transmission, we will go cashless until further notice. If you have any outstanding payments, please pay in advance to avoid queuing and head straight in when you arrive.

Booking Conditions content

Booking Conditions

Booking Conditions

Pre-booking essential via mywellness app OR contact us

Book 10 days in advance. 

30 active bookings at any time. 5 bookings per day.

Cancel up to 30 minutes before session starts. Bookings close 10 minutes before session starts. 

Main gym, Gym 2, Training Space 1. 

  • Monday- Friday = 9 x 1.5hr slots per day
  • Saturday= 6x 1.5hr slots per day
  • Sunday= 9x 1.5hr slots per day

Strength & Conditioning

  • Monday- Friday = 18 x 45min slots per day
  • Saturday= 9 x 45min slots per day
  • Sunday= 16 x 45min slots per day

Training space 2 is non- bookable but available to access alongside other bookings. 

S & C slots are available at 45 minute intervals to allow all members opportunity to book and train in S & C. Please train smart until room capacity can increase and training partners are permitted.

  • Facemasks should be worn when travelling around ASW building and fitness spaces when breathing rate has returned to normal.
  • Heavy lifting is not allowed. Spotting is not allowed.
  • Changing rooms, lockers and showers remain closed until further notice due to cleaning requirements (deep cleaning after each use).
  • Water fountains are available to use. Clean after each use with wipes provided.
  • Please bring your own water.
  • NO personal belongings permitted except essential items (e.g. water bottle) to reduce transmission
  • Any items must be kept within individual exercise space.
  • Paper towels provided.

Gym services

  • Inductions: Contact us to arrange your appointment. No extra charge.
  • Gym tour: Contact us to arrange your tour. No charge.
  • Personal Training 

Strike system

  • Customers must attend all booked spaces/ classes.
  • You may cancel up to 10 minutes before your session starts.
  • Failing to cancel will result in a strike against your account.
  • Accrue more than 3 strikes in 1 month, you will be unable to book for 30 days.
  • Find out more about the app by clicking here.

Don't have the App? Don't worry!

Contact us to book your space!

One Way System and Social Distancing content

One Way System and Social Distancing

One Way System and Social Distancing

We ask all customers and users to adhere to Government Social Distancing Guidelines at all times when moving around corridors and fitness spaces.


Where social distancing cannot be maintained for any reason, please wear a mask.

Please wear a mask in fitness spaces whilst you move to a different areas ONLY when your breathing rate has returned to normal.

A clear one-way system is in place, which we ask our members and customers to follow on each visit.

Queuing systems are in place at reception and outside our fitness studio. Please queue at the markers shown at all times whilst wearing a mask.

Changing Rooms, Lockers and Toilets content

Changing Rooms, Lockers and Toilets

Changing Rooms, Lockers and Toilets

Our changing rooms will remain closed until further notice due to potential risk of transmission through use of benches, showers, toilet and lockers. Our main toilets will remain open with capacity numbers on display.

Our hand dryers have been turned off and we have installed self-dispensing paper towels instead. Toilets will be routinely cleaned every hour and deep cleaned morning and evening, every day.

Face Masks content

Face Masks

Face Masks

We ask that all members and customers wear a face mask on entry and whilst moving around the facility unless exempt

We will not ask members and customers to wear them whilst exercising.

Customers should wear face masks when moving around fitness areas where social distancing cannot be maintained for any reason ONLY when breathing rate has returned to normal.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Schedules content

Cleaning and Disinfecting Schedules

Cleaning and Disinfecting Schedules

We kindly remind all customers to clean all equipment after use and wash/ sanitise hands regularly.  

Routine cleaning:

We are allocated at least 1 member of staff to deep clean equipment, surfaces and areas every hour we are open. You may see us safely cleaning around you while you workout.

End of day deep clean:

Carried out 1 hour every night, 7 days per week, before closure. Clean and sanitise all touch points, gym spaces, surfaces, equipment & flooring.

Weekend Routine Cleaning:

We have more time available at the weekend which we spend deep cleaning all equipment, gym spaces, surfaces, equipment & flooring.

Monthly Deep Clean:

We allocate a cleaning team every month to deep clean all of our equipment, flooring, surfaces, store cupboards, frames, apparatus in great detail. We move equipment and get into nitty gritty areas you can't see to ensure all spaces and the air stays ultra clean.

Fitness Classes

Please clean all your equipment and surface areas thoroughly after use. ASW team will clean fitness equipment regularly on top of this.

Cleaning and Sanitising Stations content

Cleaning and Sanitising Stations

Cleaning and Sanitising Stations

We have introduced 8 cleaning stations and 15 sanitising units located across the ASW.

Members and customers are required to wash and sanitise hands regularly during your visit.

You must sanitise your hands at the cleaning station provided upon entry.

Members and customers must use the approved cleaning solution and disposable roll to thoroughly sanitise touch points and the equipment as usual, after each use.

Water Fountains content

Water Fountains

Water Fountains

The water fountains are now available to use.

Please clean after use with sanitising wipes provided. 

Looking after each other content

Looking after each other

Looking after each other

It is everyone’s responsibility to stay safe by using the facilities as guided and interact with each other sensibly. We must all contribute to the “new normal” and ask all members and customers to adhere to the following:

  • If you experience any symptoms of COVID-19, you must not attend the Academy of Sport and Wellbeing. Please follow the NHS Scotland COVID 19 Guidance.
  • To facilitate the Scottish Government “Test and Protect” system, we will record visitor, customer and member “name, contact number, date and time”. Please ask for our privacy notice for further information.
  • Have a look at our UK Active Approved Safety Plan that we have in place to protect you and us.

The safety of staff and users is the primary objective of gym operators across the UK. This will be carried out through a combined and consistent range of measures in line with Government regulations and our own strategy to protect our staff and users.

We are committed to making this facility a safe place to work and workout. We require your commitment to each other as staff and facility users – we are all in this together.

We are here for you...

We understand returning to your gym or fitness class can seem daunting. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch and we will happily take the time to discuss any concerns you might have.