Youth Climbing Clubs

Information on Youth Climbing

We have had a huge interest in a Youth Club and are taking steps to make this a reality.

We will be hosting a meeting in collaboration with ClimbScotland about setting up a youth focused climbing club, based out of Perth College Climbing Centre.

The club will aim to be slightly different from other sessions offered at Perth College Climbing Centre as it will aim to be primarily parent led and run, supported by Perth College Climbing Centre Instructors.

If you are interested in a strictly instructor led session then we would recommend taster, party or coaching sessions, or involvement through NICAS.

The creation of a Youth Club will help to open up a wide variety of opportunities and activities for young climbers in the area. Some of the amazing things clubs can offer are:

  • A friendly way for kids that are into climbing to meet other like-minded climbers
  • Climbing at outdoor crags
  • Visits to other climbing walls
  • An annual calendar of social and climbing events
  • Support from ClimbScotland development officers
  • Access to club funding and grants
  • Access to ClimbScotland competitions, events and coaching days
  • Coaching and skills development for both young people and parent volunteers
  • Much much more!!!!


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