8-Week Transformation Group

8- Week Transformation Group content

8- Week Transformation Group

People working out in a gym8 – Week Transformation Group  

An 8-week transformation group where you will be given all the tools to help achieve your goals no matter what they are such as weight loss, gain, build confidence improve fitness, health, strength and much more! Become part of a community, stay motivated and become a better version of yourself

  • 8- week training programme tailored to your goals and lifestyle
  • Personalised calories + macros
  • “The guide to a better you” ASW booklet which includes everything you need to know about nutrition, lifestyle, training and much more...
  • Weekly check ins to help keep you accountable
  • 24/7 support throughout via WhatsApp/ email
  • WhatsApp group chat
  • Weekly habits to focus on
  • Group training sessions/ challenges throughout
  • 6-7 x Coaching sessions per week (must attend min 2 per week)

Mon & Wed 7-8.30am

Mon- Thurs 5-7pm

Saturday 8-9am

10th March - 1st May

The Transformation Groups will not be running for a couple of months after the current group finishes as Tough Mudder is the main focus for a couple of months. If you would like to get involved in Tough Mudder, please click here

If you are interested in Personal Training, would like advice or any support - please contact nicole.chatila.perth@uhi.ac.uk


"It's been an absolute pleasure meeting everyone in the group. Training together, motivating and supporting one another! The trainers are awesome and I am so thankful that I signed up to the transformation group"

"I have gone from being a complete gym novice to a regular gym go-er with min 3 workouts per week and a lot more confidence. I now have a better understanding about nutrition and what I should be eating"

"I was unsure about joining but myself and my daughter joined and what a surprise! It has pushed me so much. I now use the strength and conditioning room regularly, can now deadlift 50kg when I started at 20kg, have learned A LOT, more motivated and have fun while doing it!"

"I've never been to the gym so consistently before and I am looking forward to the next two weeks". This lady is a busy Mum who was unsure where to start. She has now been able to go for weekends away, enjoy her birthday and special occasions, understand what balance is, become stronger, builded muscle and as an added bonus, lost several inches in all areas. 

"I'm feeling more confident and have now found a good routine. Eating a lot more protein too!" 

"I never used to use the gym but I now regularly workout in the gym, have improved my nutrition and just smashed a 5k on the treadmill when I normally would have given up half way"

"I feel I have learned more about lifestyle choices and habits which has been a huge contribution towards my weight and fitness goals. To be more mindful about simple things such as sleep and hydration, eating healthier without feeling like I am following a diet"