Recycling initiatives around the College are proving to be very successful, thanks to the efforts of staff and students.

Key achievements are:

  • We’ve reduced our carbon emissions by 4.7%
  • We’ve reduced our landfill costs by 35% this year
  • We’re recycling 75% of our waste
  • Sorting of waste on campus is being done efficiently so there’s no cross-contamination
  • Food waste from our refectories and kitchens gets recycled into compost

We've installed an energy monitoring system called Ewgeco, invented by Tanya Ewing, a former student and British Female Inventor of the Year.

This allows us to track our energy usage in realtime and has resulted in substantial savings as we see more accurately the effect of switching off electrical equipment around the College.

Our Environmental Sustainability Group (made up of students and staff) meets to discuss ways in which we can develop and implement environmental projects across the College.

We’re also proud of children and staff at our nursery for being awarded an ECO Green Flag environmental award.

Our students tell us that they are particularly concerned about energy reduction, waste and recycling, renewable technologies and sustainable travel.

We make £20,000 available to help fund new projects each year.

If you would like to know more about these issues, email: