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We recommend that you use the Harvard Reference System when citing other people's work in your assignments.


This is a standard way of listing your sources which allows you to acknowledge where your ideas came from and lets your readers follow up the resources you used in your writing.


Each time you refer to another person's work, you should list the author and the date of the work in brackets. When using a direct quotation, the page number should also be included. A full reference list, arranged alphabetically by author, should then be compiled at the end of your paper. This should contain not just author and date, but the full bibliographic details for every source used.


Harvard is a simple system, which ensures that your essay or paper doesn't get cluttered up with footnotes or full references. The use of the short author/date system makes it easy to find the full details in the reference list.


The University of Exeter have produced an excellent guide to using the Harvard System. Try this easy-to-use website to help you to produce references in the correct format: Webcite. Permission to use this site kindly granted by Paul Chapman, Cambridge Regional College.