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On the morning of the last day of the Conference (Thursday, 30 September 2010), the MRI will attempt to provide an overview of themes emerging from the plenary and parallel sessions. As no one can possibly listen to all sessions, much less provide a balanced assessment of themes emerging from multiple disciplines, this overview effort necessarily involves the active participation of multiple participants, including YOU!


The managers of this overview encourage you to tweet your observations on interesting ideas, novel approaches and emerging themes through www.twitter.com. You can send messages of up to 140 characters at any time.


We encourage you to submit your thoughts whenever they occur to you, during the talks or afterward: feel free to "tweet" the Perth Conference! There are wi-fi connections in all meeting rooms in our Conference Centre, so that you will be able to send messages from those venues at any time. The two venues outside the Centre do not have wi-fi and therefore you need to save your ideas when you participate in those sessions, and send tweets when you return. The managers will review the tweets and consider them as a major data stream associated with overview effort.


To take part, you'll need to set up a Twitter account before coming to Perth. Just go to www.twitter.com for instructions.


Once at Perth, you will see in the programme that every session has a "hash" name (see Conference Programme). When you send a tweet on a session, you should include the hash name for that session somewhere in the text of your message, so that we will be able to find your tweet later when we develop the overview. As many European keyboards do not include the hash mark (#), our hash names are in fact denoted with an ampersand (&). All the hash names have the format "&PTH" (for Perth) followed by either "PL" (for plenary sessions) or "PA" (for parallel sessions) followed by a numerical identifier (e.g. &PTHPL11).


If you wish to see what others have said about particular sessions, you can search for the hash name on www.twitter.com and find all the tweets generated by that session.









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