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 Essential Information 



Once you receive your offer of a place to study at Perth College UHI you must take certain steps to comply with British immigration requirements for students entering the UK.


Students from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland

If you are a national of a European Economic Area country or of Switzerland, you can enter the UK without applying for entry clearance (getting a visa) and have the right of residence for the duration of your course. The following countries are part of the European Economic Area: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.


Students from outside the EEA and outside Switzerland

If you are coming from outside the EEA and Switzerland you must apply for student entry clearance (get a visa) at a British Embassy/High Commission before you travel to the UK. A UKCISA Guidance Note (called I’m coming to the UK to start my studies. What do I need to do about immigration?) provides detailed information about UK immigration regulations and the visa application process. The UK visas website also provides up-to-date information on the procedures for applying for a visa, and links to British Embassies abroad.


Hospitality Management Courses

Please note that if you are applying for Hospitality courses you must have a medical examination before coming to the UK.


If you are applying for our HND Hospitality Management programme, an additional charge for a mandatory kitchen uniform will be added to your first year fee.


How to apply for a Student Visa

To get a student visa, you will need to show your local British Embassy or Consulate that:

  • You have been offered a place at a school, college or university and will study for at least 15 hours per week
  • You have money to pay for the cost of the course and living expenses
  • You do not intend to work in the UK (except part-time/during holidays)
  • You intend to return to your own country after your studies are over

We can help by providing you with a letter of acceptance which will:

  • Confirm that we have offered you a place
  • Describe the course you have been accepted for
  • Confirm the total number of hours’ tuition per week
  • State the total tuition fees payable

However, the final decision on whether or not to issue a visa always remains with the embassy or consulate.


Tuition fees 

Perth College UHI must receive full payment of your fees at least four weeks before your course starts. Proof of payment will be needed before you can start classes. No refunds will be made on tuition fees paid, except on production of a visa rejection letter. As a safeguard, please bring all payment documentation with you to the College. This is especially important if you enrolled only a few weeks before arrival, or if you made a last-minute booking. You should also ensure that any bank charges are added to your payment.


We strongly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance to cover the cost of your fees in case this happens. We can recommend a company that offers this type of insurance.


Full details of our bank account for payments by bank transfer (Airmail, Telex and Swift) will be provided on request.


If you are paying by bank draft, it should be sent in pounds sterling and drawn on a UK bank, payable to Perth College.


You may be able to apply for tuition fees, student loans or grants to complete your studies at Perth College UHI. Full information, and online application forms, are available from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland - a Scottish Government department.


If your fee status is unclear from the details that you have provided on your application form, we may contact you to request further information. 


For full information about the range of tuition fees please email Hithendra Cheetirala, our Director of Student Recruitment. hithendra.cheetirala.perth@uhi.ac.uk


Information about Scholarships

There are a number of scholarship schemes open to International students. You can get more details from your local British Council Office.


Perth College UHI, part of University of the Highlands and Islands

We work with other Colleges and research institutions as part of Scotland's newest university, the University of the Highlands and Islands.


Speaking and understanding English in Perth

We are often asked: What sort of English do you speak in Perth? The answer is: The normal kind! Of course most people in Perth have a Scottish accent (just as elsewhere in the UK most people have their regional accents) but the Perth accent is not a particularly strong one. In English classes you will learn standard English.


Email and Internet access for students

All students have access to the Internet for free and an email account. If you want to find out more about any aspect of Perth College UHI life, or any of our courses, please contact us.